Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome to Passive Income

Everybody wants passive income, are you? Do you know about passive income? Passive income means the income is generated without your active action. As you are going for job and doing work and getting salary is your active income. We all know very well about active income but not about passive income. Here with we like to inform you about potential and scope of passive income.
First try to understand about the weak points of the active income. Active income is earned by you only. Your presence only leads to the income. Your employer is looking your presence and if you are absent on job they will deduct your salary. So your action and presence both are required to earn income. If you are sick and absence you will not able to go for job and lose income.
But the main advantage of passive income is the income which is generated without your action and still it gives the earning. How is this possible? Usually there are three ways of earning passive income and they are popularly known to all. They are Book Royalty income, Innovation royalty income and Multi level marketing (MLM). Book Royalty income means you write the book and getting popular all over country and world and you are earning some percentage of book prices as lifetime royalty. You must have heard popular authors name like Chetan Bhagat, Author of Harry potter and many more. Second is the innovation in technology or design. You search some innovative technology or any thing new and sell to the production company. You will again earn royalty income for some period or life time. Third is the MLM. This is popular and easy way to get royalty income. The company AMWAY is manly showing the dream of royalty income but for that you need to work hard for ten years or more. But recently Amway company has reduce the income and now telling that company is not assuring for royalty income.
Now assure royalty income is either for book writer or innovator. So if you want the such passive income you have to be above these two expert. But all people can not be the innovator and book writer. But I will show how to earn without innovation or book writing.
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